Super clean: infallible method for cleaning window and shower glass

infallible method for cleaning window and shower glass

 Welcome to our blog. In this article we will show you the best way to clean window and shower panes. In fact, you will learn several simple, inexpensive and practical methods that will leave your shower doors and windows streak-free. So, keep reading this little guide we prepared especially for you.

Glass pieces enhance the aesthetics of any residential or commercial space. However, for this to last, they need to be cleaned periodically. In this way, the living room, bathroom or bedroom will look resplendent, elegant, harmonious and relaxing. 

Now, you may have doubts about the right frequency to perform the necessary cleaning, but do not worry here we explain it. Since the use of the shower is daily, we recommend you to pass a soft cloth over the glass after washing. In this way you will keep the glass dry and avoid the appearance of possible stains. In other words, a light but effective cleaning.  

As a second option you have a thorough cleaning that we recommend on a weekly basis. Certainly here you will apply more precise cleaning techniques, commercial or natural glass cleaners and use the right tools.

As a second task you have a thorough cleaning which we recommend on a weekly basis. Certainly, here you will apply more precise cleaning techniques, with commercial or natural glass cleaners and use the right tools.

window and shower glass cleaner tools

window and shower glass cleaner tools

You may have special equipment in mind as the best way to keep shower glass clean. Also, the window glass. However, effective is in the simple, and this job is no different. So, make a note or memorize enough tools to do a deep cleaning and leave the glass super clean:

  • Soft brush;
  • Sponge;
  • Microfiber cloth;
  • Duster;
  • Spray bottle or bucket;
  • Prefeible squeegee with rubber;
  • Newspaper;
  • Dryer sheet.

Of course, it is not necessary to have all the tools. For example, if you don't have a squeegee, you can use newspaper. Also, it is not mandatory to use dryer sheets.

Window cleaning products

Window cleaning products

You can buy excellent quality commercial glass cleaners in supermarkets or hardware stores. For example windex is one of the most popular and accessible, useful for removing dirt and stains, extreme cleaning. And so there is a diversity of brands that depending on your taste you can buy or not.

Thanks to the duality of things, you have the facility to create your own natural glass cleaner.

But the good news is that with natural ingredients you can create a 100% homemade glass cleaner. First, we present the combination of water and vinegar in equal parts. That is, in a container mix both elements and then rub or spray the glass. Wait a while and then wipe with a soft cloth.

Secondly, we recommend lemon juice. Since this fruit has antibacterial properties.

Thirdly, we find baking soda and water. That is to say mix them, apply the result on the entire glass or specific sections. After 5 minutes remove it with water. You will notice amazing results.

Foam squeegee. Generally used in car washes because they provide maximum cleanliness, since it is the best way to clean glass without streaks.

Wear goggles when handling cleaning agents. We also recommend the use of gloves;

  • Safety when cleaning window panes and showers;
  • Taking precautions before any work is key to avoid bad moments and obtain satisfactory results. Therefore, here are some safety tips for window cleaning;
  • Try to disconnect electrical equipment or the current as such in case of being near the area to be cleaned;
  • For high or difficult to access areas, use chairs, stools or ladders. Of course, secure in flat places.

The best way to clean windows, step by step.

Read carefully or write down the order you should follow to perform a thorough cleaning.

1. Remove debris or dry dirt. Then, take a brush or duster and start removing dust, debris both on and around the glass; 2. With a hose, spray bottle or sponge, moisten the glass and remove the dirt more easily; 3. Apply commercial or natural cleaning agent. For this, use a microfiber cloth or sponge, we recommend rubbing in a circular motion; 4. Rinse. That is, apply distilled water to the surface of the glass, either with a hose, with a spray bottle. Finally, for a streak-free window rub the glass with newspaper.

Best way to clean glass shower doors 

Although it is a similar process to that of windows, the type of dirt is different. So you apply other solutions. Let's see:

1. Debris removal. In addition to dirt, the typical thing that accumulates on the glass of shower doors are particles of soap or foam. In effect they get stuck on the surface or the rails. So take a soft brush and remove these elements.

2. Apply the cleaning agent of your choice. For this use a spray bottle or a soft sponge. Then scrub the glass, especially where you see the build-up of scum or stains.

3. Rinse. That is, remove both the cleaning solution and the accumulated dirt with distilled water. Then dry with a squeegee or newspaper to ensure a clean, streak-free glass.

Cleaning shower door tracks

Vinegar is a powerful shower rail cleaning agent. So, combine it with water and with a scrub brush or toothbrush scrub the rail area.  Then, with a cloth remove the material to be discarded. Without further ado, the entire track will be spotless.

Strategies for cleaning window and shower glass

To ensure professional results without having to be an expert, we suggest you clean in a circular motion. Also, it's great to rub the glass with newspaper, it gives it a spectacular shine. But, for drying you do it from top to bottom.

Dryer sheets to clean shower doors

Incredible but true, this product is an excellent aid when cleaning shower doors. Since, its compounds work perfectly to remove stains and foam residues on glass panels. So, you wet the towel and rub it. In this way, in addition to obtaining the results you are looking for, an exquisite fragrance is impregnated in the bathroom.

Hard water stains on shower glass

This type of stains is frequent in the crystals, especially in the shower doors. Although you may not be familiar with them, here we will give you a brief explanation and the solution to remove them. Hard water refers to water that contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium in large proportions. It usually comes out of the pipes in residences or commercial establishments. Therefore, it is likely that when it falls on the shower glass, the unpleasant stains are formed. The solution to remove hard water stains is to apply baking soda together with white vinegar. That is to say, mix in equal parts. Then you wet the glass and apply the solution and leave it for a few minutes. Then remove the application and you will see that the problem is gone. That's how easy it is to clean any glass in your property, especially windows and showers. That's all for this article that we hope you find useful. We also invite you to read related articles that we have in our blog:

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