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In Okc Glass we specialize in the installation of large frame-less gym mirrors, for many Health and Fitness Clubs, Dance and Ballet Studios, Martial Arts Schools, Nail Salons and Barber Shops. In addition to providing mirror professional installation in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

Flat polish edge mirrors: A flat edge, the most common, has been sanded down and polished to a smooth shiny finish. Mirrors with flat polish edges are an excellent addition to a modern, minimalist décor.

Beveled edge mirrors: A beveled edge involves cutting and polishing a mirror with a specific bevel width, which is chosen by the buyer during customization. Normal bevel widths can range in size from 1/4" to 1 3/4". The end product is very attractive; making beveled edge mirrors a perfect stand-alone decorative element for any room.

Seamed edge mirrors: A seamed edge is applied to mirrors primarily as a safety precaution. The rough edges are sanded down, making the mirror easier to handle. However, due to the relatively unfinished look of a seamed edge, this type of mirror is mainly recommended for framing.

We can handle any of your mirror needs. Residential, commercial, custom, stock, or jumbo sized mirrors. We deal in antique mirrors of all patterns. We do all polishing and beveling on premises. We can cut a mirror to any specifications.

On custom mirrors, we guarantee FAST service. We can have your new mirrors installed within a reasonable time from final measurement.

  • Standard Mirrors
  • Antique Mirror
  • Tinted Mirrors
  • Low Iron Glass Mirrors
  • Acid Etched Mirrors
  • Gym Mirrors
  • Dance Studio Mirrors
  • One Way Mirrors
  • Colored Mirror
  • Textured Mirror 

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