Glass Table Tops: Custom Made in Oklahoma City

Glass Table Tops Oklahoma

Has your current table lost its charm? Do stains and scratches make you feel like you need a change? If you're looking for a stylish and durable alternative to traditional wood, glass table tops are the answer you need.

Custom made in Oklahoma City, these table tops offer you a surface that is resistant to heat, stains and scratches, without sacrificing style. In addition, their modern and sophisticated design will give your space a fresh touch.

Advantages of Glass Table Tops

Glass tabletops offer a wide range of benefits, including aesthetics, functionality, strength, durability, and more. Here is a detailed list:

  • Glass is a material of aesthetic excellence and will add elegance and modernity to any space;
  • You can choose from a variety of textures, colors, finishes and shapes;
  • When it comes to strength, think of the main course of a meal. We use tempered glass to craft our table tops, making them resistant to scratches, bumps, and heat, ensuring they stay looking new for years to come;
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning: Due to its non-porous texture, you only need a damp cloth and liquid soap;
  • No More Stains or Spills!  Unlike other tables, glass tops won't soak up spills or smells.  Easy cleanup for you! ;
  • Keeps things cool: Glass table tops act like a barrier against heat. Since they let light pass through, they don't absorb heat themselves, helping to keep your space cooler;
  • Adaptable: Customize your tabletop to blend seamlessly with any space. Design Your Dream Table!  Pick your perfect size, shape, and even the look and feel of the glass. We have tons of options to match your style!;
  • Goes Anywhere!: These glass table tops are super versatile. You can use them in your office, dining room, living room, kitchen, library, cafe – the possibilities are endless! ;
  • Environmentally friendly: The natural world provides the raw materials for our recyclable glass products;
  • The powerful manufacturing material allows it to have a long life, so you won't need to replace tables frequently;
  • The glass table top reflects both artificial and natural light, making the space feel brighter and more spacious. This makes it a great choice for small spaces.

Glass Table tops Manufacturers in Oklahoma City

At Okc Glass, we are committed to transforming residential and commercial spaces with fascinating glass pieces of any dimension. Glass tabletops are no exception.

We design and create custom glass table tops for your living room, office, or even your restaurant. No matter where you need it, we'll make it unique and amazing!. However, we offer standard specifications to give you an idea of what you can purchase from us:

  • Glass thickness: You can purchase glass tabletops from 10 mm to 19 mm thick. including 12 mm and 15 mm respectively. The selection of one or the other will depend on the application you are going to give it. If you have no idea which one to buy, don't worry, our glass experts will solve it for you;
  • Color: transparent, elegant black, minimalist white and corporate blue. Modernity and sophistication for any space. But, don't think that these are the only standard colors, you can also choose from brown, green, gray and red;
  • Shapes: square, rectangular, round, oval;
  • Type of glass : laminated (the most robust), tempered (resistant), anti-reflective. But the most common are tempered glass table tops;
  • Glass edges: beveled, polished, rounded;
  • Texture:

Smooth: The typical texture of any product,
Glossy: A symbol of cleanliness and illumination,
Etched: Personalize the glass to your style, whether with names, logos, or decorative patterns,
Frosted: Provides privacy and creates cozy environments,
Matte: Saves time on maintenance as there will be no fingerprint marks.

Glass table tops are simply awesome! Manufacturers keep finding new ways to make them even better. They're strong, stylish, and easy to clean – the list goes on and on!. 

And this is precisely the case with Okc glass. We have professional Engineers, Architects, Designers and Glaziers with unlimited creativity to develop top-level glass products

Peace of Mind with Every Purchase! We stand behind our work by offering warranties on all our products and services. The duration of the warranty depends on the specific project, which our company will absolutely cover.. However, they all have the same goal: to provide a 100% functional, perfect and long-lasting service.

Our menu covers many more services and glass products for home or commercial decoration without dimensional limits.  For example:

  • Shower doors;
  • Glass shelves;
  • Glass railings for stairs;
  • Painted backsplash glass;
  • Replacement glass;
  • Custom cut glass;
  • Antiqued mirrors;

And any piece of glass that helps with the interior design of your space while making it the focal point of the decoration.

Visit our website and learn more about everything we can do for you. Need to talk to us? Just head over to our contact page. Fill out a quick form to let us know your questions or what you need. 

You can also call 405-6660-088 and our customer service will provide you with all the related information. 

Service Areas

  • Bethany;
  • Edmond;
  • Moore;
  • Norman;
  • Stillwater;
  • Lawton;
  • Enid.
Take advantage of all the offers and promotions we have for you. Request a completely free estimate and enjoy the best glass in Oklahoma.

A small sample of our work in glass tabletops Okc:

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