Non-slip glass in Oklahoma | Tempered - Silk-screen printed - Acid etched

Non-slip glass in Oklahoma
Non-slip glass in Oklahoma

In any infrastructure the floor plays a fundamental role because it gives distinction and elegance to any place. However, there are spaces that need firm footing or protection to avoid possible falls. Then the ideal option is anti-slip glass. 

We refer to a type of glass with more grip than ordinary glass, especially for floors. In this way, the texture prevents slipping or sliding of whoever steps on it.

This type of material has a great adaptability in stairs, showers, swimming pools, patios or work areas. That is to say, it is suitable for interiors and exteriors, providing not only safety but also elegance and charm to the place. 

In this sense, Okc Glass offers the best and most outstanding service in the installation of anti-slip glass. This way you will be protected from falls or slips on an aesthetic and functional surface. We are experts in the field, providing you with a wide variety of anti-slip glass applications: 

  • Stairs, 
  • Ramps, 
  • Walkways, 
  • Swimming pools
  • Walkable roofs.

Characteristics and specifications of anti-slip glass

  • It is thicker than traditional glass so it is more resistant to shocks. Generally varies between 3 and 10 mm;
  • Surface versatility. That is, smooth or rough texture, embossed or beaded; 
  • Made with high-strength glass such as safety glass, tempered glass or mosaic. The latter has more grip than the previous ones, so it offers greater protection.
  • Diversity of colors; Clear or transparent, black, pink, light blue and aqua green. In conclusion, there is something for all tastes. 

Advantages of anti-slip glass;

  • High resistance to scratches and stains;
  • Highly resistant material;
  • Unique drainage designs;
  • Use in different modalities, exterior, interior, dry or wet;
  •  Homogeneous and attractive appearance;
  •  Durability over time. 


When selecting the design of the non-slip glass it is necessary to take into account aspects such as:


  • Weight to be supported, 
  • Sides of support,  
  • Safety level required.

With our services this will not be a concern because we have a highly professional service. In fact, we are ready to provide you with the best advice when selecting the type of anti-slip glass you require.

The above according to your preference and with standard measures that prevent corrosion, as if that were not enough, the material can be cut, beveled, drilled, curved.

Our materials generate a visual appeal and our team of glass experts calculates the necessary resistance for the glass to be passable, achieving a safe and airtight product that, of course, also complies with the regulations of residential, commercial or public building, for this and many more reasons is that our customers fully trust our services.

Types of non-slip glass

There are several types of floor glass, such as:

Anti-slip glass stores in Oklahoma

Okc glass is characterized by its high professionalism, ethics, responsibility and commitment. The testimonials of our clients certify it, in addition we work with materials that take care of our planet.

We have a long history in the glass industry, creating projects that not only meet but exceed expectations. That is to say, we offer superior products and services completely customized in optimal times.

We have state-of-the-art tools that help us generate innovative, elegant and safe results. In fact, our creations are aesthetically pleasing, functional and long lasting, including glass floors. 

So, if you want to give security, warmth, luminosity, harmony, illumination and elegance to your space, don't think twice. Hire our anti-slip glass installation services without hesitation. In fact, you will notice that you will have made an excellent investment.

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