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Bullet Proof Glass in Oklahoma
 Bullet Proof Glass in Oklahoma

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your property, yours and that of your family or friends, bulletproof glass is ideal for that purpose as it offers additional protection against assaults, attacks or the like compared to other glass. 


They also have multiple uses ranging from application in special vehicles, construction machinery to internal and external facades of different buildings such as schools, banks and companies.


Bulletproof glass specifications


Bullet-proof glasses are usually special in terms of their resistance and can be very attractive for design and use, so they are available in different colors and thicknesses. 


They are characterized by being composed of several layers of glass, polycarbonate and specific polymers which gives it a great durability and resistance to withstand attacks with high caliber weapons and special incendiary devices that may arise in different scenarios.




* It is an essential element that provides integral safety and security.

*It has the capacity to absorb impacts from bullets, bats, axes or other elements.

* It can be adapted to different environments 

* It is a resistant material with high durability.

* It is excellent for minimizing damages caused by natural phenomena.


We are your leading company


In Okc Glass we have more than 10 years that speak of our experience and quality in the manufacture of bulletproof glass, due to the technology we use in the composition of the materials and thanks to our constant development and commitment to achieve the highest standards of quality in the market.


We are experts in the manufacture and installation of glass and we guarantee the execution of our projects according to the specifications required by the client, we also offer the solution in security, contact us and you will be attended by the best specialists in the market with unbeatable prices.


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