Tutorial to install shower doors on tile | Learn in a few steps


Tutorial to install shower doors on tile

Welcome for you to our blog, in this occasion We'll provide you with about how to install shower doors on ceramic tile. Namely, not just any type of door, but sliding and frameless. 

Many people are hesitant about this type of installation on tiles, because a wrong procedure would ruin them. But it is only a matter of having the right drill bit and the right drill. Also, a little knowledge on this subject. However, if you do not have much experience do not worry here you will acquire it with this small guide. So read on.

Tools for install shower doors over tile.

In the previous segment we mentioned one of the tools you need to perform bathroom glass door installation. Of course, here we are going to detail the missing ones in the following list:

  • Meter;
  • Level;
  • file;
  • saw;
  • Pencil;
  • Dowels;
  • Caulking gun;
  • Silicone in tape and tube;
  • Diamond-tipped drill bit
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Screwdriver;

Once you complete these requirements, you can begin the installation of your DIY frameless shower door (diy frameless shower door). So, are you ready to learn a new experience?. Surely yes, so take note and apply the method we used.

Steps for Install Shower Doors over Tile


 1. Take the tape measure and measure the width of the shower space from wall to wall. Then take the bracket or tube that will hold the fixed and sliding glass to square the measurement.

 2. Based on the above dimension, mark the tube with a pencil and place tape around it. Then, the mark will be in the middle of two folds of tape. Then measure in place of the adhesive tapes, subtract one inch and mark with the pencil.

3. With a saw or hacksaw, cut the mark on the inner adhesive tape, i.e. the one before the mark on the tube. As a result, the tube will measure one inch less than the original measurement. The reason for this is because at each end of the tube you will place a bracket that will cover that space. 

4. Remove any rough spots or debris from the metal with a special file until it is smooth and soft. Next, mount the brackets on the ends of the tube and tighten. You may be wondering how to do the above task. That's why we clarify it here: the brackets have snaps that loosen or tighten them. But you must use the allen wrench that among other accessories comes in the installation kit.   

5.Try to place it on top of the shower space. And if all goes well remove the end brackets to include the locks. That is another hardware accessory that will allow to stop the sliding shower door.

6. Prepare the crystals. First, the fixed crystal, treat it carefully and place it in a comfortable position to install it in the tube. In fact, it is important to place the glass on anime cubes, pieces of wood, not directly on the floor. Then we distribute the tube proportionally to the position of the fixed door. 

For example, if you want the glass to be on the left side, place the tube with the long side to the right. On the other hand, if not, place it to the left.  

Place the tube under the glass. In essence, the fasteners are like two caps joined by a screw. Therefore, you can separate them at any time with the allen wrench. Then, place one of the caps underneath the glass along with the tube. And the other one on top together with the screw, tighten and that's it.

7.Assemble the assembled door with the tube across the width of the door, making sure it is square. Although in normal conditions and that everything goes well, we recommend you to look for a helper while working on the lower part. In order to prevent a possible fall. 

8. The bottom of the fixed glass has an opening where you place the bracket to anchor to the shower step. Basically, they are two adjustable plates with a screw that go on each side of the glass and with a hole directed to the floor to sit there. Also, inside these plates are two plastic sheets, one for each side, whose function is to protect the glass when tightening the screw.

Place the side with the hole facing the floor on the glass and seal with tape to hold it in place. Then, use the level to make sure that everything is well positioned vertically and horizontally. Then, with a pencil, mark a point through the hole facing the wall on the bottom plate. 

9. Mark points in the center of the wall. Another key point in frameless shower door installation is the track and support for the fixed and sliding glass. Generally, in this type of shower, it is one piece that contains two channels designed for both panels. 

So, make sure to center, fit in the fixed glass. Subsequently, remove and tape that place, place the piece again this time on top of the tape. In the same way, mark the points on the holes of this support. Finally, mark or draw the outline of the brackets at each end of the upper tube on the wall.

10.Drill the tiles. At this point we enter the top phase of the work of your DIY shower door (diy shower door). So with the drill and the diamond-tipped drill bit, drill the points of the side walls and the step.

11. Fill the holes in the walls with silicone to place the dowels. Next, tighten the screw of the bottom plate that goes into the step. Next, place the external bases at both ends of the wall.

12. Bring the door and tube assembly to the wall. Immediately snap the tube end brackets into the bases you installed in the previous step. Also, tighten the latches or pins on these brackets with the allen wrench. 

Next, place the plastics on the lower bracket. Immediately place the second bracket cover and tighten with the allen wrench. After that place silicone on the bottom of the bracket-rail and tighten the screw.

13. Second, install the sliding shower door. First look for the wheels that this door will run on, it comes in the package. Analogous to the fasteners, the wheels contain a kind of base attached with a screw.

 Then, remove it from the wheel and place it on the back of the glass along with the screw through the corresponding hole. Immediately attach the wheel to the screw on the base you just set and tighten. 


 Repeat the process if there are more wheels.


14. Take the glass and place the wheels on the tube. Also wedge the bottom edge over the support-rail piece in the remaining channel. Then do a test run to make sure that it slides perfectly. Also check if the door is level.

If the door is not aligned correctly, you can tilt the glass with two wrenches. On one side on the middle screw, this will keep it fixed. On the other hand on the side of the wheel that you will move to set the desired position. Then tighten the screw.

15. Adjust the protectors. That is to say, place it so that when you attach the wheel it is a few millimeters before the wall. Thus you will avoid friction and possible shocks. To be sure that the glass does not come out of the tube, the kit comes with an additional protector. For this reason, you will notice a hole in the sliding glass a little further down the tube. Then install and tighten.

16. Install handles. It's really quite simple just a matter of placing the adjustable bases on the inside through the holes and from the outside adjusting the handles.

Protect the edges of the glass. Surely the kit also comes with two types of transparent plastic bars. Then you place one on the outer edge of the sliding glass, and the other on the inside. It will certainly protect the contour and prevent the passage of water into the bathroom.

Additionally, we recommend applying silicone to the bottom and outer edge of the fixed glass. 

We hope this information will be useful for your project. So we conclude this article, but not before wishing you the best of success. We also invite you to read other articles that might interest you:

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