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Float Glass in Oklahoma

Do you want a modern, unique and classy renovation in your residential or commercial space? Then float glass is the perfect solution. As it is very flexible in terms of design, the products are more sophisticated and according to your needs.

In addition, it is easy to maintain, making it an attractive and very practical proposition. In fact, the possibilities are endless in any environment: office, residential area, etc.

It is a very effective alternative in the glass industry to meet the demands of customers and the needs of the most modern infrastructures, resulting in a material with a wide variety of uses. Among these are: doors, windows, floors, roofs, walls, among others.

Float glass is the main base for the manufacture of other related products such as: mirrors for decoration, tempered glass, laminated glass or double glazing, hence its wide range of uses.

Specifications and characteristics of float glass

The creation of float glass consists of melting the glass on a flat surface, then cooling it. In this way we obtain a floating top layer. Here are the most important characteristics:

  • The surface of float glass is smooth and enameled; 
  • Weight 2.5 kg per square meter;
  • Greenish color, more pronounced at the edges;

Advantages of float glass

The general advantages include ease of installation and flexibility in fabrication. Also, the ability to generate amplitude and illumination to the places due to the translucent color that characterizes it. 

There are innumerable advantages of this material, but here are the most outstanding ones:

  • More resistant to stains;
  • Ideal for decoration works;
  • Ease of work;
  • Versatility;
  • High light transmission;
  • Ability to be tempered;
  • Optical clarity.

Uses of float glass

 Generally used in: 


  • Vehicle glass, 
  • Decorative mirrors, 
  • Windows and doors, 
  • Table coverings, 
  •  Doors and cabinets, 
  • Insulating glass.

Float glass manufacturers in Oklahoma

Okc Glass manufactures the highest quality float glass, distinguishing itself by offering glass with uniform thickness, brilliance and clarity. So, if you want to build a solid and quality infrastructure in your home or business we have the solution.

Our materials are excellent with different sizes and thicknesses, according to your tastes and preferences. In addition, we provide all the advice you need to develop a design worthy of administration. 

We are a responsible company, as solid and transparent as the glass we manufacture, committed to our customers. Also, we combine knowledge with work, resulting in a work with a seal of quality and efficiency.

That is why we are here to serve you, hire us and check our transparency. Moreover, we have the best prices in the market with superior quality.   

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