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Antique Mirrors in Oklahoma
Antique Mirrors in Oklahoma 

Do you want a decorative element that at the same time gives a touch of depth and elegance to your room? On the other hand, do you need to improve the design of your space without having to build it? Well, the ideal, in this case, is to acquire a simple but effective accessory such as antique mirrors.

They are an ideal alternative, since each pattern, according to the applications designed by professionals, offers a visual elegance of past times that always communicates different emotions, and imprints character and personality. In fact, they are a real jewel that you can have in domestic or commercial places at affordable prices. They transform surprisingly every space where you place them, decorating practically and functionally in the style you choose.

At Okc glass you will have the opportunity to find this beautiful decorative resource at a very affordable price and in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes, and frames of all styles, of extraordinary quality. With antique mirrors in your home, you not only update the aesthetic but also create brighter, clearer, and more welcoming spaces.

Specifications of antique mirrors

In addition to beautifully transforming residential or commercial rooms, antique mirrors play countless roles in your interior design efforts. They can be used in various ways: integrated into walls, ceilings, shelves, antique mirror furniture such as tables, or side tables, bathrooms, etc.

Undoubtedly one of the best things about designing, with this type of resource, is that they are totally beautiful and interesting, because of their quality, of course, they are also functional. So that projecting any natural light that enters the room, an antique mirror provides a favorable effect, helping spaces look splendid, spacious, and more illuminated.

This wonderful effect works equally well in businesses such as clothing stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies, or offices. Any commercial space can be favored with this excellent alternative, achieving that fast and striking impact, becoming a wonderful complement to decorating spaces. An antique mirror will always be a hit!

Among the main trends of this product that give elegance and showiness to your spaces are: vintage antique mirrors, large antique mirrors, restored walls, wood, and used; They are manufactured with very resistant quality material, and measurements of 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. Due to their shape, there are round, rectangular, chimneys, among others.


  • To give prominence to the old mirror, it is important and advantageous to place it on walls with neutral colors, such as beige, light brown, gray, or white. This will allow for a striking and more elegant effect.
  • As for its maintenance, do not use products made from chemical solvents, as they could be left with stains when they dry.
  • When cleaning, it is convenient to divide the mirror into sections to clean it at an uninterrupted rate in the same direction.

Decorative advantages of antique mirrors

  • They bring aesthetics and elegance to the space;
  • Easy to process and install;
  • Decorative and functional element by excellence;
  • They create a feeling of spaciousness by reflecting both natural and artificial light;
  • versatile;
  • Variety of sizes and designs;
  • Suitable for residential and commercial spaces;
  • Create a striking visual focal point;
  • Provides different types of patterns;
  • It is eco-friendly.

Antique Mirror Makers in Oklahoma

At Okc glass, we strive to fulfill each project that you want to materialize. We work hard to adapt to your needs and budgets. So if you are a lover of glass pieces, especially the old mirror, here you will find the most ideal of these products made to give personality to the decoration of your home.

We have at your disposal this beautiful tool in different sizes and materials (wood, MDF, iron, resin, synthetic, etc.), but they all have something in common, and that is that in one way or another they express the fascination of the old. Indeed, they do this through retro, romantic designs and evocative aged finishes that give it a truly charming appearance.

Undoubtedly, our company can immerse you in the fascinating charm offered by the wide collection of antique-style mirrors, with the most diverse finishes, from mirrors with wooden frames, golden frames, or even black that will impressively transform your spaces, providing that touch of depth and elegance that you crave so much.

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