Important service factors in glass lamination


What you want with regular and ongoing maintenance is that you can keep your line running smoothly every time. However, there are other factors that can help you save on maintenance costs. It is clear that older equipment tends to break down more frequently, which ends up requiring urgent maintenance expenses at inopportune times.

As long as maintenance is performed according to instructions, basic maintenance is actually a relatively small cost that ends up being an investment for the savings it generates. Neglecting recommended maintenance can lead to higher economic maintenance costs, as well as unexpected production interruptions due to line problems.

Often the biggest expense comes from having to replace burned-out items frequently. In fact, this often turns into a fairly hefty annual cost, which should have been considered in advance. Of course, in addition to the expenses generated by replacing an element, you must also consider the downtime of the line, the labor and the possible quality costs caused by broken heaters.

Typically, the laminating line in a glass processing facility is an extremely important part of the business. It is also one of the top investments and you will surely want it to be around for a long time. While the line supplier plays a huge role in providing robust and reliable solutions, it also comes down directly to how the line is treated throughout its life.